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Why are nutcrackers used a Christmas decorations?

SanFAN49 asked:

why is the “Nutcracker Ballet” performed oonly at Christmas time?

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  1. on 24 Dec 2008 at 8:03 pmmightyt100

    Have you seen the Nutcracker and do you know the story? The ballet is a story of a little girl named Clara who has this dream on Christmas Eve. It makes sense that it is considered a Christmas play. Nutcrackers are used as Christmas decorations because they are associated with Christmas & Nutrcracker Ballet.

    Act I

    The curtain opens to see the Stahlbaums’ house, where a Christmas party is being held. Clara, her little brother Fritz, and their mother and father are celebrating with friends and family, when the mysterious godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, enters. He quickly produces a large bag of gifts for all the children. All are very happy, except for Clara, she being the only one who does not receive a gift. Herr Drosselmeyer then produces three life-sized dolls, who each take a turn to dance. When the dances are done, Clara approaches Herr Drosselmeyer asking for a gift. Sadly, Drosselmeyer is out of presents. Clara runs to her mother in a fit of tears.

    Drosselmeyer conjures up a Nutcracker. Clara is happy, but her brother Fritz is jealous, and breaks the Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer chases him off and mends the toy.

    The party ends and the Stahlbaum family go to bed, but Clara is concerned about her Nutcracker, and comes out to the Christmas tree to see it. She falls asleep with the Nutcracker in her arms. When the clock strikes midnight, Clara hears the sound of mice. She wakes up and tries to run away, but the mice stop her. The Nutcracker and his band of soldiers rise to defend Clara, and the Mouse King leads his mice into battle.

    A conflict ensues, and when Clara helps the Nutcracker by throwing her slipper at the Mouse King, the Nutcracker seizes his opportunity and stabs him. The mouse dies. The mice retreat, taking their dead leader with them. Clara cries for her Nutcracker, who is also dead, and her tears bring him back to life.

    The two then dance, and the Nutcracker turns into a prince, who leads her into the land of the Sugar Plum Fairy, where dancing Snow Flakes greet them.

    Act II

    The people of the land dance for Clara and the Prince, and Clara wakes up under the Christmas tree with the Nutcracker toy in her arms.

    This website will give you the history of the story of The Nutcracker and the King of Mice and variations of the story, the ballet, etc.

  2. on 26 Dec 2008 at 11:48 pmRoddick27

    Well, I agree with what she said above me. I would have said that…only in my own words and not off of a website like she did, I was in The Nutcracker multiple times.

  3. on 27 Dec 2008 at 10:04 pmidiot_instructor

    Nutcrackers are displayed as Christmas decorations because of association of the ballet with Christmas and also I suspect for the practical reason that bowls of nuts were more often put out at holidays. Yes, some nutcrackers are more than decorations. Because the story of the Nutcracker ballet occurs at Christmas, it is most commonly but not “only” performed at Christmastime. The tradition has become so strong that it is unlikely to change.